20 imagenes que demuestran que las fotos perfectas en redes sociales son una mentira

Las redes sociales se han vuelto esenciales en la vida de la gente moderna. Tanto que algunos están muy preocupados por cuantos Likes reciben y son capaces de realizar cualquier truco para conseguirlos. En estas imagenes veremos algunas de las sucias tretas que hacen los usuarios para ganar Likes en la red.


1. Una buena foto de perfil

2.Detrás de escena

I feel like people my age or older may have a bit more control over how they perceive what they see online (although, not always) but the next generation, the generation who don't know a world without social media is what terrifies me a tiny bit. I'm only 24 but when I was 12-15 I wasn't worrying about makeup or contouring… Christ, eyebrows weren't even a thing until about four years ago and I still have no idea what contouring is. I didn't get a 'proper' mobile phone until I was about 15 and you had to ration your texts because it cost you a fortune, and god help you if you clicked on the internet by accident! We had MSN with webcams for a few hours a night after school which was about as weird as it got (and when I say weird I mean like I would dress up as 50 Cent to my friend or something… maybe that was just me 😂) , we'd say "brb" because we'd actually be away from our computer/internet whereas now you're literally never away from it unless you turn everything off… I can't imagine what it must be like now having access to the internet/social media 24/7 and all the other weird shit that comes with it whilst growing up, trying to figure yourself and the rest of the world out and at the same time being surrounded by this warped version of reality 😖 – lemme know your thoughts on it too, I'm posting a tiny series of these photos …this is the 2nd one I've posted #instagramvsreality

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3.Cuando no tienes Selfie Stick

4.”Amo estos exóticos árboles de playa”

5.Tu amiga siempre te ayuda


7.”Finalmente me monté en mi yate”

8.”Voy a morder un pedacito de esta gigante hamburguesa”

sorry bubs but had to do it #bowwowchallenge

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9.”Mi nueva cocina”

10.”Mi amor y yo estamos viajando”

11.”Así es como me veo en el trabajo justo ahora”

12.Que bello día hoy!

13.”Nos volvimos amigos de inmediato”

14.”Estoy muy cerca”


Instagram vs. Reality / Don't believe everything you see on social media! Don't let it be your only truth. ⚠️

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16.Maestra de la provocación

17.”Quise tomar una foto mientras caia, pero el perro no entendió así que vino al rescate”

18.Un segundo antes…

19.Simplemente fascinante

20.”Mi perro ganó el primer lugar”

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20 imagenes que demuestran que las fotos perfectas en redes sociales son una mentira

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